Jottings on an Envelope
January 20th, 2024

Writing on Mobile

Publishing from a mobile device has always been a mixed experience for me. It is brilliant in the some cases. Not so much in a few. This has been my experience with all blogging platform I have used. Short posts are fine. But I just cannot write longer posts on a mobile platform.

To be frank, I don't really know why I struggle to write on a mobile device.

Is it genuine lack of attention given by these platform for the smaller mobile experience? After all, unlike social media platforms, they are buit for laptops first. Or is it just my inability to write on a smaller screen? Whatever the case, I have always struggle.

With a simpler interface of Scribbles and my recent switch to a larger device, this might change. Will it? I will only know if I use it more regularly. This whole post is written on a mobile device over multiple sittings. 

So that's a start.