Jottings on an Envelope
Unformed Thoughts by Amit Gawande.

My daughter loves her music

My daughter loves her music. Listening to it. Making it. Learning it. She enjoys her music classes and recently started self-learning Ukelele through YouTube. It didn’t take her long to get the chords right for one of her favourite songs. As she performed, I recorded it, and up it went on her channel. A new video is out now.She’s also super excited that she is a click away from reaching 100 subscribers. I calm her down. But the excitement of any milestone is challenging to push away.

On Resting

I have been resting since morning today. After a period of physical rest, I had to focus on resting my mind. With work being very stressful these days, my mind needs much more care. One thing about rest is that I can never have enough. I can spend a whole day doing nothing at all, and yet I may go to sleep tired. If I idle my time away on the internet or watch movies, TV shows, or YouTube, time goes by quickly, and I hardly feel rested. What I do while I rest matters much more than how long...

5 Reasons Why I Don't Do Listicles

I don't generally write listicles because I don't enjoy that form of post. Without being too burdensome on readers, let me list five reasons I don't. 1. They are shallow and, hence, easy for readers to digest — why would I want my reading to be easy? I want it to be dense. After all, if you write to prove your smartness, you make it less readable. Right? 2. More people read them — again, why would I want more readers? I want very few readers. That's why I even stopped posting micro-posts. The introvert that I am, why would...

Staying Active

My enjoyment and excitement for exercise and household chores are directly proportional to what I am listening to. If I have an exciting audiobook playing in my ears, I am more inclined to walk outside and, generally, move more. Or do some tasks inside the home that I would usually avoid. Mysteries keep me hooked the most, and they make me walk the most. I would wait for my day to end to put on my headphones and go on a walk. And even with a near-unending collection of mystery books, finding the right book is not always easy. Some...