Jottings on an Envelope
April 25th, 2024

The Tap That Won't Budge

I have wanted to clean and fix a few taps and showers in my home for some time now. I generally let the homely chores pile up and do them one fine day.

Procrastination, you say? Nope. That's planned productivity for me.

Anyway, back to the taps. After my evening walk yesterday, sweating profusely, I decided it was time to clean all the taps. I started with the one I use a lot. I gathered all the right tools. I ran through the set of steps to carry out for the next few minutes. Thirty minutes later, I was stuck at the first step—the tap just won't budge. I had tried all the different ways to move it with no success.

In need of a quick win, I moved my attention to the dripping shower. After all, cleaning the shower to get a satisfying water flow was the intention all along. I fixed it without sweat. Well, beyond what was already trickling down my forehead.

With confidence from the "win" behind me, I decided to tackle the tap again. No luck. It just won't open. I had all the right tools and knew the steps—I have cleaned this many times now—but today was different.

My wife questioned my timing. "Why would you try such a thing so late in the day and when you are already tired?" I couldn't gather the courage to tell her that I did it for a clean shower that was waiting for me. You see, my habit of letting chores pile up has bitten me a lot in the past, and it was doing that again today.

Defeated, I went and had a nice, satisfying shower. Draining down the worries of a nice pile of unfinished chores.