Jottings on an Envelope
May 5th, 2024

Staying Active

My enjoyment and excitement for exercise and household chores are directly proportional to what I am listening to. If I have an exciting audiobook playing in my ears, I am more inclined to walk outside and, generally, move more. Or do some tasks inside the home that I would usually avoid.

Mysteries keep me hooked the most, and they make me walk the most. I would wait for my day to end to put on my headphones and go on a walk. And even with a near-unending collection of mystery books, finding the right book is not always easy.

Some have plots that don't interest me, and the narration for a few others is boring. When a book meets both criteria, it eventually becomes a big bore, making me disinterested.

One series that has consistently been a big hit with me is Hawthorne & Horowitz by Anthony Horowitz. So, when I saw the latest mystery from the series on Audible, I jumped straight into it. Unfortunately, although it has kept me highly active for the last few weeks, this book has disappointed me. The core idea isn't bad, but there isn't enough story in this to be an entire novel.

The whole setup was flimsy, and the chapters with the investigation were repetitive. Nothing much happens for the most part, and whatever little happens is repeated by all the characters. Plus, Horowitz isn't with Hawthorne while the mystery occurs, so the likeable banter between them is also missing. The ending disappointed me the most. It was too elaborate a plan to be plausible.

Now that this story is over, I am searching for the next mystery that interests me and helps me stay active.