Jottings on an Envelope
May 2nd, 2024


Early this morning, I wanted to sit down to read and write. I didn't. I did a lot of chit-chatting. I spent time planning trips that I was not yet certain would happen. I did a lot of research for a newsletter that I doubt I will ever publish. I watched some TV with my daughter only because she was watching it. Unintentionally, I fell prey to the many distractions I was surrounded by. 

It made me realize that this was the same routine as yesterday and the day before. Yet, I wrote a few words that made me feel good yesterday. How is writing difficult, then? It must be what happens before I start writing that is problematic.

To write, then, is easy as long as I avoid

  • distractions on the way to get to the keyboard (like my smartphone, TV, people)
  • distractions on the way to get to the editor (like apps, websites, unfinished tasks)
  • distractions while finding the right idea to write on (blogs, news, YouTube)
  • distractions while finding that one perfect word

These distractions derail my urge to write.