Jottings on an Envelope
February 25th, 2024

Days well begun

After days of lethargy, I finally sat down to write today without any distractions or open tasks chewing at the back of my mind. Something that has become very rare.

For the past few days, I have avoided pushing myself too hard. I have watched two movies since yesterday -- Dune and The Marvels. Dune might be a well-made movie or have nostalgic value for a few, but I didn't enjoy it. I watched it and was moved at times by the scale. But it didn't affect me in any meaningful way. The Marvels, on the other hand, did. I had fun watching two-thirds of the movie. I sat through the last third. Overall, it's a fun watch, which is all I've expected from MCU movies since Endgame.

Not that I had planned this weekend to be about watching movies. But that's how I roll these days. No unnecessary routine. No tracking daily streaks. I have done whatever makes me feel relaxed. De-stressed. At times, it has meant watching movies untimely. Or go on unplanned walks with my wife. Or spend time playing with my daughter. Anything and everything is acceptable.

Surprisingly, I have been still getting a lot done. Starting every day with exercise or walking must surely have helped, even if it's not the only reason. With an open mind and without being too judgemental, I have also been thinking a lot about productivity recently. I haven't formed any opinions yet, but I am undertaking a few experiments. 
The past few days have begun well. That leaves me in a good state of mind throughout the remaining hours. I intend to keep it this way.