Jottings on an Envelope
February 10th, 2024

Cleaning up

I cleaned up stuff around me today and made some space for myself.

I cleared my desk. I cleared my calendar. I completed some of the long pending tasks. I eliminated unnecessary distractions like unread books, unwritten drafts and unspoken words. The last one weighs the heaviest on my mind. I called my family and my friends. I felt relieved.

I cleared my cupboards and drawers of unnecessary junk that had accumulated. That's what junk does -- it finds space and occupies it. Some weeds had done the same around the saplings in the garden on my balcony. They needed cleaning, too.

I also wrapped up a few side projects that I have no intention of picking up any time soon. They had my interest when I started working on them. I feel no attachment any more. Why let them burden my thoughts, then?

I got rid of comments from my blog. As much as I loved Commento, the few comments I got don't justify the cost I had to pay. Email remains the medium of my choice, both for others to connect with me and for me to connect with others. I still need to get better at the latter. Only with practice can I make it happen.

As I sat next to Snoopy during our evening walk, there was calmness again. The day's work of cleaning stuff all around does that often. Messy surroundings are a reflection of one's mind, after all.