Jottings on an Envelope
February 13th, 2024

A Rare Sunday

I met my friend at lunch last Sunday. With our thoughts and likes aligning, our families gel well together. My daughter gets to meet a friend her age with whom she has a blast. They quickly gang up and start ignoring us. We don't complain when they do that.

Another thing we generally do when together is to chat and laugh, forgetting everything and everyone around us. We become one of those loud groups you must have cursed sometimes during social gatherings. This day and meet was no different. Bearing no guilt, we soon became the noisiest group around. At times, what matters is that we have fun and forget all the usual stresses of our lives.

We all need one such social circle. I am glad our family has one.

Another rare weekend activity we did was to visit my sister-in-law unplanned. We generally plan such visits days. Today, I wanted to meet my niece, as she has wanted us to see her for some time now. We were in the neighbourhood, and we had no other plans. An evening thus was spent with more playing and even more chatting. 

We could not have planned a more eventful Sunday.

As it drew closer to the end, though, the imminent chaos of the Monday troubled me. This feeling when I dread a workday is not sustainable -- it always leads me to rethink my priorities. If this continues, it might be the time again.