Jottings on an Envelope
February 7th, 2024

A wild, hectic day

It has been a wild day today. With my wife unable to sleep throughout the night due to a cough, I had to get my daughter ready for school. I am not a good cook -- but I am a learner. So I decided to cook her tiffin and get her ready on time.

I managed somehow.

The day at work continued to remain hectic. I haven't had much breathing space for the past couple of weeks throughout the day. What begins with meetings ends with more meetings. There is no control scope to mould the day as per my plan. This is not the way I generally like to work. However, the state of the project is such that the meetings are unavoidable. I have gotten better at deciding what meetings to say no to

The only saving grace is there is a fixed schedule for the workday. It never stretches into odd hours. I start my day early. I end it early.

Outside of the 9 hours, it's all for my family. 🤞🏽